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New Indiana law effective July 1, 2017:  Everyone under age 18 MUST wear a helmet at all times while riding in or on ALL off road vehicles, whether on public or private property!



Our freshly groomed motocross track!

Motocross Track

At Haspin Acres, we have our own "Live Your Dreams" motocross series! We schedule prepped practices and races throughout the spring, summer, and fall! Ryan Meyung is our motocross track and race manager, and he has designed the entire layout of the track and brought a whole new energy to our motocross race program!

Not interested in racing? That's ok! Our motocross track is open daily throughout the entire year, so bike and quad riders are always welcome to come ride on it, for practice or just sheer enjoyment!

Drag Racing at Haspin Acres

Drag Strip

Our Drag Strip is a 300 foot long loose dirt race track. Our flat drags are run with official PortaTree timing equipment, and ALL vehicles are welcome to enter - ATVs, UTVs, quads, bikes, buggies, trucks, four wheelers, hand crafted dirt dragsters, and everything in between. Haspin Acres runs true Bracket Drag Races as well as "Run What You Brung" and Outlaw Drag Races.

Trail Riding at Haspin Acres

Trail Riding

Trail Riding at Haspin Acres is something that everyone can enjoy! With hundreds of miles of trails winding through trees and over hills and valleys, through streams and creeks and over rocky crags, riders of any skill level can successfully find a challenge. The ultimate conquest is the "Devil's Backbone", a customer favorite! 

*  Please note that there is NO NIGHT RIDING at Haspin Acres from 10pm to 6am.

Haspin Acres springs back to life with beautiful, budding, green trees!

Do your part...

During your visit to Haspin Acres, please remember that this park is primarily a natural habitat. Any help you offer to keep it that way is greatly appreciated. Receptacles are in place throughout the park for your trash. If you need firewood, check at the main gate. Please do not cut trees!

During your visit to Haspin Acres, we ask that you be courteous and respectful to the park, the staff, and the other people visiting Haspin's. We appreciate your consideration of others and care of our property, and as usual, we expect all rules and regulations to be followed. They are there for a reason! We want to ensure your safety and want everyone's visit to Haspin Acres to be enjoyable. Together, we make this a fantastic place for everyone!