New Indiana law effective July 1, 2017:  Everyone under age 18 MUST wear a helmet at all times while riding in or on ALL off road vehicles, whether on public or private property!




Reopening Update

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb's Stay at Home order is currently in effect until this Friday, May 1st, at which time he will decide whether to let the order expire or to extend it. As we wait for his determination on the Stay at Home order, we would like to update our customers on where we stand in regards to reopening our park. Just to be clear, IF the governor lets the Stay at Home order expire this Friday, thus reopening the state for business, Haspin Acres will NOT be permitted to reopen this weekend!

The governor's March 25th Stay at Home order specifically states that individuals may go to public parks and to open, outdoor recreation areas. As an open, outdoor recreation area, Haspin Acres was legally permitted to remain open during the Stay at Home order. Franklin County officials visited the park and confirmed on March 31st that Haspin Acres was indeed in compliance with the order and legally permitted to remain open.

However, on April 4th, Haspin Acres was forcibly shut down by the Franklin County Public Health Officer due to multiple complaints by local residents. We are the only off road park in Indiana that has been forced to shut down. All other off road parks in Indiana remain open to this day. We have complied with the closure order and have remained closed since that date.

In order for us to reopen, we must submit a plan of action on how we are going to safely reopen our business, and our plan must be approved by the county commissioners. When we are finally approved to reopen, you can expect several changes to our check in procedures and a stricter enforcement of social distancing by everyone within the park. Changes will be announced at a later date.

So, just to be clear, IF the governor lifts the Stay at Home order this Friday, Haspin Acres will NOT be open this weekend! We HOPE to have our plan of action approved by the county commissioners in time to open on Friday, May 8th IF the governor has lifted the Stay at Home order.

Looking ahead, please be prepared for several changes in the way we do things at Haspin Acres. We have never had to navigate a worldwide pandemic before, so this is all new to us and we are learning as we go. Thank you for your patience. We can't wait to open back up again, and we look forward to seeing all of you once again!