New Indiana law effective July 1, 2017:  Everyone under age 18 MUST wear a helmet at all times while riding in or on ALL off road vehicles, whether on public or private property!




Poker Run

June 15th

Meet in the cafeteria starting at 5:00pm to sign up and pay your entry fee. Play as many poker hands as you'd like; each hand costs $20 to play. You'll get your first card at 6:00pm right before the Poker Run begins! Then, get in your off road vehicle and ride with the group along the curvy, hilly, winding Poker trail! Try to keep up, and don't get lost! Just stay with the group and follow the neon yellow arrows to stay on the Poker trail! We'll be making a total of 4 stops along the Poker trail, and you will get another card at each stop, for a total of 5 cards. Whoever has the best Poker hand after the last stop will win the prize money when we get back to the cafeteria! (70% pay back) Be sure to join us on Saturday, June 15th, for another great, Haspin Poker Run!