Schedule of Events for 2023

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Roped Off Areas Explained

Click here for a short video that explains why some areas of the park are roped off.

New Haspin Acres Merchandise

We now have Haspin Acres coffee mugs! Click here for more details!

Here are just a few of the many different ways to have FUN at Haspin Acres

Haspin Acres

Off Road Adventures Begin Here...

Haspin Acres Off Road & Motocross Park in Laurel, Indiana has 750 scenic acres of wooded hills and trails, nestled in the heart of beautiful, rustic, rural Indiana! Relax and enjoy the great outdoors with us, doing the things you REALLY enjoy, like off road riding, racing, camping, fishing, and so much more! Escape to Haspin Acres......Where the pavement ends, and the FUN begins!